Referral Income.

Your relationship with REA.Network as a paid member entitles you to simply provide referrals to your account and benefit financially when the referral settles. In other words, submit a referral and sit back and wait for your share of the commission to arrive in your mailbox.

You will have 24/7 access to all activity reports related to your referrals via your REA.Network on-line account. Simply log in and use your account dashboard to monitor your referral and income potential.

HOW IT WORKS...  Open House

Log In to access your Membership Dashboard (see EXAMPLE DASHBOARD)

Complete a new "REA.Network Referral Form". Once the form is submitted you will receive an email acknowledgement and important tracking links will appear on your dashboard for the referral you provided. Multiple referrals generate unique tracking and monitor links to each referral.

REA.Network then...

Selects, contracts and executes a referral agreement with a REALTOR in the referral location.

Local Assigned REALTOR then...

Proceeds to close the deal as "selling agent" and/or "listing agent". REA.Network collects a 25% referral fee from the selling and/or listing agent commission.

You receive...

A commission check for 50% of the total REA.Network commission fee collected.

Potential Referral Commission Examples...

Action Side Price Commission (CR) Split Commission (SC) REA Net (25% TRC) REA Member (50% REAMC)
Selling $320,000 $16,000 (5% CR) $8,000 (SC) $2,000 (TRC) $1,000 (REAMC)
Buying $360,000 $18,000 (5% CR) $9,000 (SC) $2,250 (TRC) $1,150 (REAMC)
Buy & Sell Both Sides $34,000 (5% CR) $17,000 (GC) $4,250 (TRC) $2,150 (REAMC)
Commercial $50,000 Year 10% (CR) $5,000 (GC) $1,250 (TRC) $625 (REAMC)
Home $18,000 Year 10% (CR) $1,800 (GC) $450 (TRC) $250 (REAMC)


CR Commission Rate

SC Split Commission

GC Gross Commission

TRC Total Referral Fee received by REA Network


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